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how to check firmware software details and how to update

2: Seeker

hi i have just got the k3570-z dongle and would like to know how to check the software / firmware versions , 


and also if its possible to update the firmware to 7.2mbps and not 3.6mb, 


i done it on my 3 dongle easily but cant find nothing about this dongle 


also when checking data remaining how often does it update because it still says i have 3gb altho i have been using the dongle constant for about 4 hours when it came with 3gb installed ..


thanks in advance 

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2: Seeker
ok i have found the firmware version which is

BD_P680A8V1.0.0B03.... Where can i find an update to this to make it 7.2mb .... every other dongle seems to have a firmware that will do that apart from this one...

also my vmb lite is ... the one on vodafone site is ..... if i update it to this one will vmb lite show me how long i been using net and how much data etc i have used as it is not working and says i not recieved/sent any data and i been on 0hours, 0mins etc when i been on about 6hrs
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2: Seeker

ok updating the vmb solved the data stats and uptime problem now just for a 7.2 firmware update ....


anyone alive in these forums ,

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi gav63,


Firstly I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the eForum.


The model K3750-z has a maximum download speed of 3.6 Mbps . This is its maximum speed and no software is available to make this 7.2 Mbps at present. We do have other modems in our range that can reach this speed.


If any updates become available, it would be on our Mobile Broadband Support page



eForum Team.

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