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htc sensation problems

1: Seeker

Any one else having the same problems with this phone! Twice in 2 days it has crashed on me. i dont download of anything like that on it, just basically phone calls and txting and the odd facebook. Definately not one of the best phones i have had! Ive had this phoen for about 4 months now !

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Emma82,


Has the issue only just started, with nothing changing recently on the handset?


There are few checks we can do straight away for you, and if these don't sort it then the warranty repair option is still available.


Firstly, can you try a hard reset for me:


 - Switch the handset on
 - Whilst powered up, remove the SIM card and battery
 - Put the battery back in and switch on
 - Wait a couple of minutes, then remove the battery again
 - Replace the SIM and battery and switch back on


This can act like a reboot to clear any fragments of programs not shutting down fully.


If that doesn't work, is there any pattern as to when it shuts down? For example, does it occur after a certain function or button is used, or when the handset is held a certain way? Also, is there any sort of alert or notification of an error before it happens?


Also, can you confirm that you're using the latest version of the firmware? You can check the latest installed version here.


Can you also try checking the contacts between the battery and handset are clear of any dirt or blockage and that the battery is properly seated, just to ensure that there is nothing affecting the power to the handset.


Finally, you may wish to back up the handset and reset the device to factory settings to ensure that any software-based issue is removed.


If the handset still has this issue then I would arrange for the repair using the link above.



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6: Helper
Have you got any applications downloaded from the market? Sometimes they can cause issues.
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