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iPad 2 and 3G

2: Seeker
Hi Have an iPad 2 and use Vodafone for my 3G connection. All works fine and great until.... I go on holiday to America, there I disable Cellular data and use airplane mode while on the flights and since getting home I get the following problems: I have good signal and 3G BUT I cannot connect to the Internet...either times out or takes a very long time. Once connected it works fine with a good speedy service. Its almost like the iPad / sim is failing to register on the network but once it does it works fine until I put my iPad down for a time...30 mins / 1 hour / 2 hours then it won't work again...but this is intermittent. Called Vodafone and they talked me through resetting the network settings then turning off automatic carrier selection, selecting a n other carrier ( which of course doesn't work ) then reselecting Vodafone and turning back on auto selection, this seemed to work at the time....but hasn't actually fixed the problem long term. Another workaround seems to be turning on airplane mode then turning back off....this seems to be a workaround. However I don't want a workaround, need a permanent solution, any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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2: Seeker
Well thanks for the assistance I certainly know we're to come in future.
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi chsr43,


Firstly I would like to apologies for your post being missed.


From what you have said it does sound like there could be an issue with the SIM not updating on the network properly through the iPad.


Firstly can I ask if there is anyone who has an iPhone that you could place your SIM into and connect to the internet?


This would update the network on the SIM and has been know to resolve the issue in the past.


If this doesn’t resolve the issue then I would look at getting a new SIM from your local Vodafone Store as it sounds like this could be the cause on the problem that you have.


Please give this a go and let me know how you get on.




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2: Seeker
Thanks. Vodafone have sent a new sim.
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