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iPhone 4S cannot connect to mobile data

10: Established
It was all going so well lol. Today is the first time that I've actually gone to connect to mobile data. All of the APN settings etc are exactly the same as on the Vodafone iPhone 4S help page.

Username = wap
Password = wap

Waited until I got home this evening and tried again but without success. Seeing as at home I've got Vodafone Sure Signal, I thought when your within range, any mobile data connection uses the Sure Signal.

Seeing as mobile data worked on an old android handset using my regular sized sim, could it be that some setting has been left off my account since activating my Micro Sim? Tried calling but Vodafone are currently closed.

Has anyone else had any similar problems since changing over to a Micro Sim?

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16: Advanced member
You could try:

APN = Internet
Username = web
Password = web

I was under the impression you had to register handsets to work with your Sure Signal? How else would you stop all your neighbours from pinching your broadband?

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12: Established
You can also try re-setting your network settings.

Also check that the mobile data setting is enabled.

Settings>general>network>mobile data
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10: Established

Thanks for the suggestions. Tried them both and neither made an ounce of difference. Mobile data is set to on. 3G or not 3G that is the question.


Your part right chrisdeeming1 about the Sure Signal. You don't register the handset you just register the number. So any Vodafone numbers in the house you just register them online and that's it job done. As long as it's a 3g enabled handset it doesn't matter which handsets you use. Make sure your within I think it's a 30m range and hey presto. Full signal. I know some people aren't keen on Sure Signal but it suits me just fine. Touch wood in all the time I've had a Sure Signal box I've had no problems atall. I find the landline phone to be way too quiet so using the mobile phone in the house with full signal is ideal. Well worth the £20 for the box. 


How mad is that? Phone just died so plugged it into charge, switched it on and up pops the 3G symbol. Guess it needed a power off and back on after changing the settings.






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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Welshman1982


It would appear from your post that you're now getting a 3G connection on your device and mobile data is working. If this is incorrect let me know.



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10: Established
Sorry for the delay in responding Simon. In answer to your question, yes and no.

At home the my phone now works when mobile data is selected but when out of range of the Sure Signal, mobile data will only work if (after enabling mobile data) I go into the carrier settings and turn automatic network selection to off, wait for my phone to find all available networks, manually select vodafone and then the 3G symbol appears. Within seconds the 3G symbol vanishes.

If I then switch automatic network selection to On, then 3G symbol reappears and stays. I have to do this everytime I'm away from home and wanting to use 3G mobile data. Apparently it's a known issue which others are experiencing across various networks. It's just nice to be aware of a way round it.

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