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iPhone 4S stopped connecting to wifi at home

2: Seeker
All of a sudden iPhone stopped connecting to wifi at home. Have another iPhone 4S, 5 and 3 iPads and they are all fine. Have tried restoring networks, airplane on, off, power off, restoring factory settings etc. Works for couple of minutes then disconnects. Phone is days over 1 year old so there won't be warranty now. Hasn't been dropped, no cracked screen, well looked after.
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17: Community Champion

The normal troubleshooting steps with an iPhone are re-booting the phone by holding down the home and sleep buttons until the Apple logo appears. If that doesn't work connect the phone to iTunes and take a backup. Then set the phone up as a new phone to re-load iOS. If that cures the problem you know it is a software fault.


Restore the backup and if it stops working again you know there is a problem with one of your apps.


If re-building the phone doesn't work at all, it is a hardware fault and it needs a repair.


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2: Seeker

Have tried setting up as new iphone and wifi was totally greyed out, didnt get the option to search for wifi.  Powered down phone and has let search for it now.  Havent downloaded any apps yet, just got the basics the now.  Will leave and see if wifi disappears again.  Not touched it and it has just disappeared after couple of minutes.  When you go to wifi the choose network circle is going round and round for ages and not picking up homehub.


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Moderator (Retired)

Hi jlmcwillam,


Please let us know if this disappears again.


On a side note, does this pick up other Wi-Fi hotspots in different areas such as a friends house?



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2: Seeker
Yes, it keeps going on and off. Not been anywhere to try it with another wifi connection. As soon as she tries an app it goes off. All the other iPhones in the house are fine. Doubt it would find another wifi connection though as when you go to choose a network the round circle can go round for 5 minutes and not find anything. Was on Vodafone chat for ages last night trying to get it resolved and the guy had no idea. Had me switching on personal hotspot which had nothing to do with problem at all.
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10: Established
This seems to be a problem with the 4S and iOS 6.1.3

Apple's solution can be found here:


Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Verify that airplane mode is off by tapping Settings > Airplane Mode.
Reset the network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
Note: This will reset all network settings, including Bluetooth pairing records, Wi-Fi passwords, VPN, and APN settings
Ensure that your device is using the latest software. To do so, connect your device to your computer and check for updates in iTunes.
If your issue is still unresolved, perform a software restore in iTunes.

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2: Seeker

I have tried all these a couple of times at least and still having problems with wifi.  We have another iphone 4s in the house on exactly the same software version and no problems with it.  Iphone 5 fine as are 3 ipads.

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Community Champion (Retired)
If you have restored the phone and it is picking up wifi then dropping it again it sounds like a software fault, depending on where you are you quickest way to resolve his would be to vist an Apple store.

They are able to run a full diagnostics test on it and if the phone is at fault they will replace it all the time it is in warranty.
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