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iPhone Sim Only Contract Tethering - New Price Plan ????

2: Seeker

Hi, I have talked to numerous people at CS today about enabling tethering on my SIM Only contract.


I am being told that because I didn't buy my iPhone 3GS from VF that, despite taking out a new SIM only contract (February 2012) with VF since purchasing my phone, that I would need a new (more expensive) price plan to enable tethering to be set-up or reduce my inclusive minutes etc yet pay more per month - basically I would need to lose my loyalty discount (customer > 5 years) and pay as per a new customer.


At the moment I fail to understand why this needs to be - I'm not asking for more data, more minutes or BT Openzone - why should it cost extra to view a webpage on my laptop instead of my iphone !!


 Has anyone else had this problem ?


Any help appreciated



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2: Seeker

Can someone please let me know what on earth is going on - kerrythe cook posted on here with the same problem as myself and got it resolved, apparently without the need for a new price plan - why can't I ??

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2: Seeker

Having read kerrythecook's post phoned CS again, tried to speak to Ruby without success, however, spoke to a lovely lady called Nora who set me up with a 'new' price plan with exactly the same content and price as my old one, this time including tethering !


Will need to wait for 24 hrs to find out if it's worked but ever the optimist can I say - thanks Ruby - you're a star Smiley Happy 

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi there sheep65,


Thanks for letting us know that Ruby has been able to help.


Did you manage to get her surname? If you did I'll be able to pass on your thanks to her and her manager.





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2: Seeker

Hi LeeH, it wasn't Ruby, she helped kerrythecook.


It was Nora and sorry she didn't give her surname but this morning within an hour of speaking to her it was all working successfully - yea !!


Please pass my thanks on to her - she was a breath of fresh air after the acrimonious discussions I've had with CS the last couple of days (who wanted an extra £9 per month to turn tethering on with a similar contract to that I currently have)


Take care

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