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iphone 4s outgoing call no audio

2: Seeker

Apologies if this has been raised loads before, I trawled some threads but couldn't find anything.


On every few outgoing calls I can't hear anything (i'd say about 1 in 4).  The person at the other end can hear me and the call timer is running, but from my side it's mute.  It's getting really annoying now and i need to fix it.


Seems to be a common problem, loads of threads on apple forums about it and even a facebook group on this exact thing 


What is quickest way to sort this out, I called vodafone and was sent some stuff to reset parts of the phone but that's done nothing.   I only upgraded last week by phone (it was an early upgrade) and i don't want to be without the phone,  i need it.  I'm planning on calling again tomorrow but also going to a vodafone store (whenever i've done similar with duff phones in the past they insist on sending it away for a few days), I'd like an instant replacement.   Anyone else on here had this issue and what's quickest way to get it sorted?

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Gordonbennett


It does sound like a faulty handset. If you are within your 7 day period, this can then be replaced. If not the phone would need to be sent for repair. A good option that I have seen many times on the forum is going into an Apple store and see a "Genius"



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