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not had my beats headphones

2: Seeker
So I got my contract yesterday and I hope I'm under 10 k customers but sadly my one x came with no beats headphones even tho if your with Vodafone it says you do any help will be great thank you
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4: Newbie
I got a call from vf yesterday and also upgraded to the one X, should be here on tuesday. I asked if i was getting the ibeats (urbeats) headset and was told i would. Plus looking at the vodafoneukdeals twitter feed, people that got their one X deals sorted late in the afternoon were still told they would get the ibeats.

Best bet would be to call up customer services and chase them up. maybe someone forgot to supply them to you in the warehouse??
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17: Community Champion

There is already a thread regarding this here


Other users are talking about redemption notes in the box.


ss3000, the urbeats are a cheap version of the ibeats specifically made for the HTC handset.


From reading the HTC website the only headphone fully compatible with the beats software built into the phone is the urBeats and the Solo's.


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4: Newbie




Despite all the hype, opening up the API, and recently scooping up a music streaming service, we might have seen the end of Beats brand plugs being bundled in with HTC phones. Martin Fichter, a product executive for the phone manufacturer, told CNET that "If they want a Beats headphone, they'll buy it directly," suggesting that the lure of the in-the-box pair just wasn't strong enough for those with a penchant for bass. Perhaps this explains why the whole "Enable Beats" option embedded on the new One series no longer requires the brand's headphones to activate it? Still, if true, the move seems a surprisingly quick turn around on what was originally a much vaunted collaboration. That, or contractual obligations further up the food chain are drawing to a close.
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6: Helper
Got mine in the box, same as the ones I got on ebay for £25 for my Sensation so not too mind blowing, a media box would have been nicer Smiley Very Happy (but even then I don't have a spare hdmi socket for that)
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