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personalisation tones & alerts

4: Newbie

Hi there


I've had my Samsung Galaxy S3 for nearly a week now and so far I am very happy with it.

However, I do have a couple of questions -


1) I know how to change the alert tone for a text message being received, but how do you change the alert tone for a message being sent (delivery report), as currently a messsage being received and delivery report alert tones are the same. Is there a way these two alert tones can be different?


2) on my Nokia N8 phone I was able to display the cell area I was in. On the S3 I cannot find an option for this. Can it be done?


I'm sure I will have more questions soon, but as I am new to the Android OS I am finding things out all the time.


Many thanks in advance.



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16: Advanced member

Arrrr Easy 

On the sounds option this is were the default Tone would be now set that to say post box for now

Now open up Messages app when open press the menu button then settings

Now scroll down to the last option and set that to the whistle 

so now when you get a sms you get a whistle and any other will be the postbox

Most stock app have there own Notification sound so you now what comes through 

I have a fend that has recorded his wife Saying Text arived and Email for you dear 

any probs give us a shout 

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4: Newbie



As far as I know I have followed your instructions correctly.

I have gone into settings and selected sound (under device), then set set default notifications as postman. Then while in the messaging menu, press menu, settings then go to the bottom and selected whistle tone.

When I get the delivery report I get the whistle tone and when I receive a message I have the whistle tone, in other words delivery report and message received are the same tone.


Have I done this correctly?

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16: Advanced member

yep a delivery report is a TXT message if you got a email then you will now here a postbox sound unless you change that as well in gmail 

Not aware of a separate sound for delivery reports as there a sms from Vodafone 

but your spot on 

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4: Newbie

My Nokia N8 always beeped when a sms had been delivered. I could then set a tone alert for an sms being received. Therefore two different tones. So, the Galaxy S3 can't do this then?

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17: Community Champion

Different phones have different attributes...


You can set the LED on the S3 to flash for Notifications


Menu > Settings > LED indicator > Tick the boxes...


I have noticed that on my S3, an email flashes white, a Gmail flashes Blue, Tweetdeck flashes yellow etc.

And you can have Tones for each of them as well...!


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2: Seeker


is it possible to have a different sound for 'text delivery report'

to 'text received'

(My cheap Ericsson did)



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17: Community Champion

Hi Mark


Not with the Stock Messaging Service. (as far as I know... )


You could always install GO SMS Pro or Handcent. They have a lot more customisation and may be able to do what you want?


With everything that the S3 CAN do, I'm sure that not having a delivery report tone can be forgiven! Smiley Tongue

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2: Seeker

Thank you for your reply. I've had a quick look at the apps you suggested, but don't think they can assign different tones to SMS alerts.


It IS a very good phone that I am still learning about.

I just find it strange that a fairly obvious & simple function has been overlooked.


Maybe it will get included in a future upgrade.


Thanks again


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