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solid red/orange light top left

2: Seeker
Seen this problem on other blogs and forums too. Not too sure what this exactley means but randomly a red/orange light will appear on the top.left of my phone along the top. It is in the same section where other notification lights appear. HTC don't seem to give you information on this light. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem too or anyone knows what it mean
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi kizea


Thanks for your post. I've taken a look through the HTC details for the One X and cannot see what this refers to, is there a symbol within the light?


My suggestion would be to take a screen shot next time the light shows and post it up on this thread so that we can see what the light refers to as currently I'm unsure.





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2: Seeker
I will try and take a picture on another phone when it appears again. If you look very closely next to the HTC sign on the front of the phone you will be able to see a sort of sensor, or whatever it is. I'm still not to sure what it is or means when it appears randomly.
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