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why is my iphone 4 locked to vodafone when i bought it sim free?

I bought an iphone 4 sim free from carphone warehouse and when i came to move to a different network I was informed my phone is locked to vodafone. The 191 person assured me it had been done and I would received a confirmation email within 48 hours but called back after 50 hours to be told it could take 5 days. This is not vodafone's property to lock.
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17: Community Champion

Sim free is not the same as Unlocked


The phones that CPW / P4U / Etc sell are indeed SIM Free, and lock to the 1st network that they attach to.

CPW should have informed you of this if you made it clear that you were intending to use it on different networks.


Only Apple sell totally unlocked devices.


Once VF process the request they pass it to Apple to unlock, the procedure is completed by attaching to iTunes with the non-VF sim, so I'd give that a try.

Vodafone have also recently said that unless they provided the phone, or it is from VF stock from a 3rd party, so that could be cause for delay.

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