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wildfire losing vodafone signal

2: Seeker

MY Wildfire is losing the vodafone signal connection nearly every day now. It comes up with other connections such as Orange/O2 etc to try and connect to. I bought it earlier this year from Argos on Vodafone as PAYG. Is there something to try apart from taking the Sim out each time to get it to reconnect? Id rather not factory reset if possible as i have all my emails and apps set up.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi kev25v6,


To be honest there could be a couple of reasons for this.


The first thing that I would recommend would be to go into the settings, network settings, network selection, select manual and select Vodafone UK.


This will then stop any the phone from looking for other networks available in the area.


If this still doesn’t resolve your issue then I would recommend looking at getting your SIM replaced as it could be a faulty SIM that is causing the network loss.


Also can you confirm if this happens in all locations or just specific areas? If it is location specific please let me know the full postcode of the area so I can check the local sites for you.



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2: Seeker

Thanks for the help.  Ive set the prefered to Vodafone as there is no manual selection available. Hopefully this will sort it. The sim card is quite old now, probaly around 5 years or so. Ive only noticed it dropping while at home, postcode is S434QP.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi kev25v6


You’re in a slightly patchy area so a new SIM definitely won’t hurt. I’ll send you an email over to the email address that you registered with so that we can send you one out.





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