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Broadband & Home Phone

Bedford MK41 No Internet

2: Seeker

The last few days my internet has had a "blip" about midnight.


Today internet went off at 00:01 and it's now 00:40 and still no internet. 

Where is the voda network status page (for broaband, not mobiles please)? 


Are you doing unscheduled maintenance ? Seems a bit odd it occurs regularly but usually it lasts for seconds ... now it's nearly an hour with no internet. If you are doing maintenance, don't you think you should inform customers instead of just doing it ?


Please don't ask if I've restarted my router etc. I'm a Cisco engineer. It's your issue not the CPE. 

I don't use wifi. I've restarted the box serveral times. I have a connection to the DSLAM, your network just isn't routing anything....




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@SNAKEPLISSKEN Have you contacted our Broadband Live Chat team to take a look into this for you?
If so, were they able to advise you of any work currently going on in that area, or any other unexpected issues?

Please keep us updated.


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