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Broadband Free Gift is very painful

2: Seeker


I brought Vodafone Home Broadband since there was a free gift offer we can get either of the 5 gifts or Vodafone prepaid gift card. Vodafone has made this redumption as difficult as possible. Instead of directly redeeming it you need to register after a certain date and wait for an email and after that with in 14 days you register you interest and after than 30 to 60 days they may take to send you the gift. I opted for £75 gift card, there is no option to activate the card. In the letter i recieved i am told that I would have recieved a email, which I have not. 


There is a link mentioned to get the contact details of the company providing service to Vodafone for this gift scheme, but they have removed the page now it throws error. 


I feel cheated, for getting a £75 I need to atleaset spend 1 to 2 hrs on the phone wait for almost 60 days and still there is no garantee I will get it. I feel this like a scam.

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8: Helper

The website is still there I just looked. The number for tlc marketing is 0330 124 3813. There open Monday to Friday between 9.30am - 5.30pm. It's definitely not a scam. Many on here and myself got there free gifts. I would suggest given tlc marketing a ring on Monday and hopefully they can assist you further.


Kind regards

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