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Broadband false landline charges

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We signed up to broadband a few weeks back and our first date of internet was Monday 4th June. We've decided to cancel because the speed was terrible but that's a different story.

When I've checked my bill I've been charged £5.70 for calls made from the landline. I haven't made any of these calls, I don't have a handset to physically make the calls. The numbers appear to be local numbers as they have the same area code. When I've questionned vodafone about it they are insisting that I have made these calls and that I will have to pay for the charges but there has never ever been a landline handset plugged in so I HAVE NOT made any of these calls. 

I know it's only £5.70 but it's the principle! I haven't made these calls, it isn't possible for me to make or receive calls on the landline because we don't physically have a phone.

Has anyone else experienced this? 

Thanks in advance!

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That's very strange @lucywignall 🤔 Sorry for any inconvenience that's been caused!

So we can take a look into these calls for you, we'll need to access your account. I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with us directly. Once you've competed the form included, one of our Broadband Specialists will be in touch. 

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