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Fibre Broadband Speed Has Decreased

1: Seeker

Hey, this week I have noticed my download/upload speed decreasing.. usually I would get 35mb download and 9 upload but now I'm receiving 23 download and 6 upload?


Bit rate
Actual data rate24997 (Kbps.)6000 (Kbps.)
Operating data
SNR Margin11.3 dB6.4 dB
Loop Attenuation21.7 dB18.9 dB
Error counter
Indicator nameDownstreamUpstream
FEC Corrections1843359
CRC Error00
  Transmitted FramesReceived Frames
Frame Counter23603522408488


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17: Community Champion

Hi @iXeron


How long has your Service been activated for ? What-should-I-do-if-I-m-having-problems-with-broadband-connectivity.

I do not use the Vodafone Service personally but when I also noticed a drop in speed on my own Service  I carried out the following. 

If using an Ethernet Cable then try another. 

Reset the router. 

If using Wireless which will give a drop in speeds then I chose another wireless channel. 

I also split my frequencies to 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and then choose the best one at the time. 




8: Helper

@iXeron - you've posted your line stats, which is good.  The connection speed is determined by line length and quality of the line.  So, assuming your house hasn't moved overnight(!!), then it's likely down to line issues.  A couple of things to check:

1.  Look at how long the PPP uptime is.  Assuming you have not been rebooting your router recently, then this should have been up for 'many' days.  If not, keep an eye on this and see if your connection is resetting often.

2.  Try using a microfilter and connect into the test sicket behind the master socket.  Also, try a new cable between the router and socket (this rules out any internal issues with your socket and cable)

Once you've checked those out, give Vodafone a call and get them to run a check on your line.

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2: Seeker

I had a drop in speed and was told it was because I was 859 metres from the cabinet although when I signed up I was getting 35Mbps which dropped to 31Mbps, so I can only assume my house has subsided away from the cabinet. 


So glad Vodafone have got my back.

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