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Home Broadband 79mbps - NOT even 40mbps

2: Seeker



I have recently moved from SKY 40mbps home broaband to Vodafone 79mbps. But since the time I have shifted the line to Vodafone, I have got nothing but trouble with speed. The complaint has gone Level 2 to Level 3 Tech. 

The speeds recorded from Speedtest over ethernet without Wifi on is 22 - 32 over 4 hour span, which some times is worse over ethernet and  I have buffering issue when watching some thing over IPTV. 

Yesterday The router struggled to get IP address form ISP so no internet for whole evening. 

Level 2 wagely predicted it is to do with congestion on the line, nothing in the home and Level 3 Tech may have to made a decision on how to upgrade or move my line to a different range to give more relief from conjestion. 

I dont know if they will do any thing about this, as there might be a cost implication to Vodafone to do this fix. 

I am under a mile away from exchange and always had the max speed from any ISP i have been with. 

Hopefully Vodafone can solve this bottle neck issue with their kit or else atleast let me know that I can move to some other network as they cant offer the speed promised.


My postcode DD13ET, Dundee


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1: Seeker

Have you had a reply yet, i am having the same issue as you and the support team so far have been as much use as a chocolate fire guard. 

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4: Newbie

I am having the same issue in the evenings and vodafone support is just horrendous

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2: Seeker

I had a word with Level 2 tech, as I got on top of the Technical support team and started throwing too many questions at them, also stated I needed a manager as they were if no use. Then finally the agent stated he can maybe get the level 2 tech on the  line. 

The Level 2 tech looked at my speedtest taken over the ethernet and stated that you are definately being hit by congestion, but this for the Level 3 techs to resolve, as they will be the once to decide on whether it is feasible to move a consumer from group to another group, which might be less congusted, this would have to happen at exchange end. 

So hopefully, they can do something, by end of this month, if not i just leave,as I have by the law the right move away as I have not been receving even close to the promised speed.



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4: Newbie

Yes, I will be doing the same thing, I had the same issue with sky and moved and i will do the same with Vodafone too.

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3: Seeker

I signed up for the 76mbs as I was previously on BT 52mbs, I have had max speeds on 73mbs and constant 68mbs with other ISP's, so I know my line is good, I only get readings of max 52.2 on any speed test, My guaranteed speed is 52.7mbs, so I raised several tickets and was asked to do 4 speed tests in safe mode in 24 hours and send screen shots, they came back and said my speed at the router is 56.6mbs so they refuse to do anything.........this is the first ISP I have been with that refuse to help, others sent OR out for any problems.

I think my line is still capped at 52mbs from BT, but they wont help.

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