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Mega outage in Scotland

4: Newbie

Today around 10-11am broadband went down from at least Stirling area up to Inverness and is still not back on.


Nevermind, this can happen but when I went on the tech chat, the guy tried to give me a ride. First he did the usual stupid stuff like router reset, switch microfilter etc and then started lying at me. Claimed BT alread took our line over (switch is scheduled for 19.12) and that's why I have no connection anymore.


Phoned BT and they said that's all rubbish and they did nothing else but confirming the 19.12 switch with VF.

I the called in and the guy (definitely in the UK and not rubbish India call center) checked and told me right away that theres is a massive outage in the area and we haven't been disconnected at all.


I'm quite happy to switch to BT for some £ more, probably not perfect but this was just bad.


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1: Seeker

Yeah, this is very annoying. Been down since 1130 now, so a full 12 hours here in Perth, Scotland.


Any update from anyone at all at Vodafone?

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1: Seeker

Well thats now over 36 hours in and still no Vodafone broadband here in Inverness.

no response on the chat, lots of waiting on hold with no response, one call back over 2 hours after we asked and as we’d had to pop out to the shop they “couldn’t help and will call back later” (we’re still waiting) and zero response to ANY Twitter messages.

anyone else had ANY luck getting Vodafone to admit there’s a problem? Or even a suggestion of when it might be fixed?! 

They did, however, manage to send us our bill this morning, how lovely of them! 

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Apologies for our delay in responding @Kimbers103@Buckyball and @Mongoose, we're a little busier than usual over our Social Channels at the moment. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulty accessing our Broadband service. So we can take a look into this, please contact us by following the link in the private message I've sent.

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4: Newbie

Not sure what's wrong with Vodafone that the have the nerve to answer 6 days later for a problem that got fixed already anyway.


Can't wait for the 17.12 when BT takes over my line.

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