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New Customer - issues browsing the net when some one is uploading (Wired LAN)

2: Seeker

Good morning all, 


Lee here from Ghengis Fireworks, We are two days in to just having switched to Vodafone Business Broadband and are running in to a rather perculier issue.


We have your 70+ Mbit service 

As well as a brand new router model number HHG2500


The Issue: 


Every time one of us starts an upload (no matter how big or small), the rest of the connected devices loose the ability to connect to the internet, they all recieve time out errors in their browsers while attempting to surf.


Connected LAN Devices: 5

Connected WIFI Devices: 3


Router system Report:

  • Serial number: H1103H0009437
  • Firmware version:
  • Bootloader version :
  • Hardware type and version : Huawei 963168_HUAWEIVOX25
  • Uptime since last reboot : 2 days and 3 minutes
  • CPU Usage: 25%
  • Memory Usage: 31%


I have followed all setup instructions and connected all ethernet leads as normal the internal setup here is known to be good and solid as well.


The competitor that we moved away from and chose yourselfes over, we did not have this issue with just overly poor internet + cost, hence the move.


Any help or insight in to this issue you guys can provide would be most apreciated.


thanks and kind regards



- Ghengis Fireworks webmaster / tech guy.

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2: Seeker

Update: currently chatting to one fo your lovely Technical support team regarding this issue!



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4: Newbie

I get the same issue, the quality of Vodafone's line are shocking, never once had the issue with sky, and I'm tempted to go pack and pay that little extra just for the convenience of have a stable connection.


for example, I'd upload something say to youtube, little video just a small clip and teamspeak would drop out, and if I'm playing a game I'd get d/c from that too, something which wasn't an issue at sky.


Please do keep me updated!

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@leewickham How did you get on with our Technical team? Did they manage to resolve your issue?

Please keep us updated and don't hesitate to get back to us if you're still having problems.

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