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Unacceptable speeds in the evening

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Well, seems like Vodafone finally pulled their finger out and did something.

Coincidently around the same time I submitted a complint with


You can see around the 18th/19th of March someone added some more backend bandwidth.

Feb-Mar.pngAlso Hourly Averages for this month so far are much, much better compared with previous.


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4: Newbie

I been told by directors at vidafone last week.the wireing  in the box is getting updated in next 45 waiting now.

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2: Seeker

I was told it was getting updated in January it’s now April still not fixed. Ofcom should step in and fine them. 

Even speeds of 1-2 mb down 9mb up


Dear Mr. Xxx.  

This message is in regards to the issue you are experiencing with your Vodafone broadband. We have investigated the matter for you, and have discovered that the cable link (length of fibre) you are connected to is currently over-subscribed. This can unfortunately result in network congestion and slower speeds at peak times. Our Third Line team are already aware of this issue and are pro-actively working to rectify it. A new cable link and a new switch (connection point for the cable links) have been ordered, and we are currently waiting for them to be installed at your nearest exchange.
Due to the scale of the installation - which involves the migration of hundreds of customers - there is an extended wait. The new switch is due to be installed by 31/01 and the new cable link should be live a couple of weeks later. I have added your name to the list of customers to be migrated, so you will be within the first batch of customers to be moved across once the installation is complete.
The next update is due on 13/02. We will relay it to you once we have received it. If you have any further questions please do get back in touch. You can call us free on 191 from a Vodafone mobile, or 08080 034 515 from any other UK mobile or landline. Thanks for your patience while our team looked into your issue.

Best wishes,

Vodafone Tech 2

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