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Up and running

2: Seeker

Just thought I'd post a positive post as a lot of negative comments about broadband activation dates being missed more than once. 


I did have issues when ordering broadband and my activation date was delayed from 28th November until today.


My mobile went at 8.00am. It was the BT engineer. He asked if I needed a new connection,  which I didnt, and told me he'd be with me in 20 mins. He arrived and got to work. He said there may be a fault with the line but he would go to the cabinet and get it sorted. He was back within half an hour and said all was fine. So broadband up and running before 9.30am on activation day. Speedwise I'm getting 44 down 8/9 up which is well below the 73 down 19 up guaranteed speeds but it's only day one so will wait a couple of weeks for it to settle down. 


In all, my experience with Vodafone has been OK. Not great. But OK. Sometimes webchat works. Other times it's awful. But any time I've phoned CS I've got sorted. 


So for anyone thinking of getting home broadband with Vodafone, and reading all the horror stories, it's not all bad. 

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4: Newbie

do a speedtest for me during peak times? (like now)


here's mine to compare


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