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Upload Sync speed dropped below the minimum for suresignal

2: Seeker

A few weeks ago I reported an issue affecting both Upstream and downstream sync speeds. Downstream was below the minimum guaranteed value from Open Reach so an engineer came out. After nearly a full day the engineer replaced circuits between my home and the exchange.  All good and back to downstream of 19.1 mbps and upstream 1.2 mbps.  After 7 days of stable upstream and the downstream value swapping between 19 and 15 mpbs all seemed fine until yesterday at midday when the downstream dropped to 12.7 with upstream of 0.7 mbps  


Until yesterday  SNR on both channels was around 6 to 7. Both have now increased with upstream at 14.5 and downstream at between 9 to 10. 


As the downstream speed is above the guaranteed 10mbps it is difficult to get support. However as the upstream is below sure signal minimums I cannot use my mobile phones in the house.  There is no planned work in the area to improve signal so I can only just get signal outside my home. If I cross the road 100m and stand in a field I get 3 bars of 4G. 


Where should I start my complaint ? should I be entitled to compensation for mobiles I can't use or the broadband I can't use ? Wifi Calling is no good as it will suffer the same upstream speed issues.  Should I claim for the purchase of a tent and sit in the field ?


It is all very annoying. Any thoughts would be greatfully recieved. None of this happened with BT, downstream and upstream were stable, upstream never changed.  Does BT / Openreach tweak the profiles of non BT customers to maintain the performance for BT customers?



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Hi @t4underc4t thanks for reaching out. I saw you mentioned an engineer had been out to correct some things which led it to be working more efficiently. Has it been over 10 days since this as the connection does have to stabilise again which can take this time. 


Also are there certain times of the day in which you find the upload and download speeds decrease? Also was the router moved at all to a new location?

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2: Seeker

I am now at the end of the 10 day re sync period. The router is in exactly the same place, its connected to a UPS to get clean power. I don't use the Wifi of the VF hub so all of it is disabled. The speed is awful all the time on upstream. If I run a speed test it bounces between 300kbps and 600kbps there are anywhere between 5000 and 50000 FEC errors a second and after the last engineer I am now getting CRC errors as well. 


As of this morning after 3 resyncs's between 5:30 and 6:30 the downstream speed has increased to sync at 14.3mbps.  The SYNC upstream is now 0.8mbps.  SNR Margin on the upstream is still 14.5.


So this still leaves me without enough upstream to use my suresignal which requires 1.0mbps.  It has taken me mahy hours of conversations with various people across the globe to get someone to understand, I've been offered upgrades to my broadband, free data for my phone and told of the problem solving 'wifi calls' that mean I don't need the sure signal.  While my downstream is within 'spec' of guaranteed minimum's my upstream is not sufficient for suresignal or wifi calls, I can just about get 2 bars of 2G outside my home or 1 bar 3G. Since upgrading to iOS 11.4 I cannot force 2G connections, my phones do not work inside my house because of the poor reception outside.  Thus leaving my £115 a month of vodafone mobiles contracts useless as I cannot be heard by people when I speak at home on the suresignal. OR cannot even make a call if I turn off the sire signal as I hvae NO signal


I'm using the same Openreach infrastructure that I had for 3 years previously with BT. Their upstream never dropped below 1.2 mbps.  


I am really regretting changing away from BT as I now have all my 'communication eggs' in one basket. Getting 15% discount on broadband becuase its under the ultimate speed guarantee doesn't take into account the time lost on calls, the travel I have to make to use my mobile phones and the inconvinence of not have £115 for 3 vodafone mobiles contracts that don't work at home. 








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@t4underc4t I can definitely understand why this would be frustrating for you, there's no doubt about it. We're more than happy to look into your speeds closer and have our specialists take a look for you. Please send us your details via the private message I've sent.

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