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Using third party router

1: Seeker

Hi All, 

I am on Vodafone unlimited 76 broadband, the default Vodafone router supplied is not up to the job, the reason are as follows: 

- my wife and I live in new build house 4 bedroom house

- apart from the outside walls, everything inside dry walls

- the Vodafone routers wifi signal is unable to reach everywhere in the house

- I am fairly techie, yet Vodafone don't trust me to use an off the shelf router that worked previously perfectly 

- I have spoken with Vodafone technical support and all I get is " hangs the wifi channels" see if this helps

-  frankly I expected better from Vodafone


is there anybody out there who has set up there own router successfully , in the UK?


please help!

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17: Community Champion



Vodafone won't officially give up the password or settings be able to use ones won router. 


Not sure if anythinh in this thread may help.


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17: Community Champion

@jdrosen the only thing you may be able to do is switch off as much as you can in the Vodafone Connect router and essentially use it as a modem to which you can connect your own, working, router.


The thread @BandOfBrothers linked to has some instructions in there, though some people have found other ways it'll just be a case of messing with setting until you can get something to work for you.


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1: Seeker

The thing that annoys me most is, that when signed up with Vodafone, nowhere is it mentioned that you can only use their own router.


I was playing with settings all morning and managed to get somewhere with it. it would seem that the Vodafone router is specifically for households with a few devices.


If I am not travelling somewhere, I work from home and use a VPN connection. The wifi or LAN coneection speed drops instantly, yes I know using VPN saps up a lot of bandwith.  My Fritz!Box used to cope with that workload very easily.


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17: Community Champion

jdrosen wrote:

The thing that annoys me most is, that when signed up with Vodafone, nowhere is it mentioned that you can only use their own router.

Completely agree with you, it should be made clearer!
There is an article in the help centre that Vodafone point people to, though it's a bit late if you've already signed up.


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2: Seeker

I know this is an old thread so hopefully your issue was resolved. Vodafone recently changed their stance on giving the username and password out to people. If you contact customer services/online chat you should be able to obtain these now (provided you still need them).



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