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Vodafone home fibre broadband VPN setting

2: Seeker

Help! I have been trying to get this to work and given up becuase Vodafone are hiding important connection details. The config I want use is the L2TP Server VPN on the Vodafine Connect Broadband Router. The settings in the router are simple enough (cool! :o) but getting a client to connect to it is impossible (unless it is another Vodafone HHG2500 Broadband router). So here is what I have done:


1) Setup the router's L2TP Server VPN configuration (set shared key, user and password, etc)

2) Configured and OSx and iOS client to connect on L2TP (settings quite straight forward) but both fail. The only debug details I was able to get was from the OSX connection that failed on "L2TP sent SCCRQ" - I also have the wireshark dumps from the client and router.

3) Setup other VPN clients, but no success


I spoke to the vodafone live chat team (not a great experience, so unless there is an expert there I can chat to, please do not direct me back there Vodafone). The experience was as follows (I have the chat transcript if you want it):


1) Told "since few days we are facing issues with the application, However our engineers are working to fix this"

 - I told them that "VPN" was router hardware related and not a "service" (sigh)


2) I was then directed to change my wifi setting

 - I told them the wifi had nothing to do with VPN (sigh)


3) I was then told I had to have a business account for the VPN to work

- I told them that if I plugged in my draytek router, the VPN worked so it had nothing to do with that. This was the final sitcking point and they would not budge. Form my point of view this was the only thing they could use to get rid of me, as they didnt know what they were talking about.


Since then I have discovered if you have 2 people on Vodafone with their routers (both my father in law and I are on vodafone). One setup and L2TP server and the other L2TP client. They happily connect!


Therefore, the statement that VPN is business only is also not true. Therefore there is some odd setting that a L2TP client needs to do to connect to a Vodafone HHG2500. What is this? Please can someone from Vodafone provide a faultless configuration for a client so the rest of the community can do the rest for you?


The reason I am not able to use my Vodafone router is becuase I use a draytek so I can VPN into my office (also draytek). This additional VPN config is to connect to my father in laws home to assist on all things IT. I therefore need some form of VPN client that can connect to a Vodafone Router running the L2TP VPN server. :o(



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3: Seeker

Any joy with this?  I’ve been trying for months, hoping that a firmware update would cure it. The vf routers must be using their own secretkey/password/port and ignoring the settings in the vpn page. 

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@dandymon @seblb Just to let you know, I've sent this query across to one of our Broadband contacts and as soon as we hear back, we'll update this thread 🙂

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4: Newbie

I'd get your father in law a cheap 2860 and ditch the rubbish vf supplied router.  Cheap tat they supply, but can't even support is hardly promising, or likely to be fixed by the sounds of it.

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@dandymon @seblb There's been no update as of yet however I'm actively chasing this for you 🙂

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@dandymon @seblb I've heard back from our Broadband contact and they've advised that our Router specialists will need to assist with this type of query. 

I've sent you both a private message with details on how to get in touch with them. 


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