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Whats up with your customer service vodafone? Is anyone in the team bothered to respond?

3: Seeker

Signed up to the fibre 70mb a year ago. First 1 or 2 months were alright and not had any big issues. Then month after another speed got very inconsistent. Went on live chat like 5 times repeating the whole story and only to be told each time that they will get back to me after further checks. Each time I had to go back to get an update because no one called me as promised. I then got on the phone and managed to speak to someone who claimed to be a supervisor. She said she is going to get the tech team to do further investigation. I was ignored again for couple days so i got back on the phone once more. By the way.. I've gone through all that wifi channel changing stuff, no luck.. 


Some time later, they got back to me saying that they could not identify any fault and cant seem to fix the issue and that they cant help further because it is wifi related and that they dont guarantee wifi speed.


See at this point I started doing further checks myself. I was getting like a mixture of speeds from 3mb to like 25mb certain days and sometimes even 0.5mb. I realised that the 2.4ghz was worse. I was getting like 50mb on 5ghz wifi while getting like 5mb on 2.4ghz. That did not look right. I connected the laptop through ethernet and i was still getting roughly 5mb-10mb. 


Got back on the phone and explained the issue again with new findings and explaiend to them that it was not just wifi I was having the issue with and its ethernet too. Connected a different laptop, still same issue. Again.. they said we will do further checks and get back to you. No one got back.. And this Im talking about was couple months ago.. I've mentioned numerous times on live chat and on the phone that it might just be a bad router. They insisted that they cant get me a new router just because of wifi speeds. This was just getting funny at this point. I've never ever experience such customer service. Simply Appauling..


Roughly around 2-3 weeks ago, on a saturday, i was on live chat again. I was promised this time that if someone does not get back to me or fixes the issue, I can cancel my contract without having a early termination fee because of all the stuff i went through.. No one got back again.. and I never bothered to call this time.


Now.. Many customers I see on this forum are experiencing same if not similar issues. People are paying £30+ for fibre connection and even though their routers just like mine are syncing at full speed, we are not getting no were near fibre speed and we are fed up of constant drop outs, very slow and inconsistent speeds and very poor customer service.


When you are advertising the service you say that it is truly unlimited with no caps or hidden fair usage policies... meaning that there should be no throttling and so on.. So we should get constant fibre speeds of at least between 50mb-70mb depending on traffic and time of day.. We should not be dealing with speeds of 5mb download and 0.5mb upload. If its like what your tech team are saying and that there is nothing wrong with the line and or area.. Then there is an issue with the router? if thats the case we should get them replaced asap with no questions asked.


This is my last message/call to vodafone. Its either sorted after this or bye bye.. 





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4: Newbie

I am having the exact same issue between 7pm to around 12pm basically internet is unusable. They try to give me the run around, closed my first ticket without even contacting me, I open a second one, but I have zero faith in them doing anything, so I will be looking to get my money back a leave.

I had this issue with sky before, congestion in my exchange, ironically, I moved to Vodafone to get it fixed a year ago now this started again.

I can pull up the sky thread where I kicked off and got C level attention.

O and I am a network engineer(CCNA) 10+ years in Unified Communications who did broadband support for several years, so I know the game.


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@brutos08 @alexGGG We apologise for the inconvenience and understand how frustrating this must be. So we can take a look into these issues for you, I've sent you both a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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3: Seeker

Oh brilliant. We now know how to get in touch with vodafone...

Sent us both a private message with details on "HOW" to get in touch. Really? 


Which part of my post did you not read mate? I've got in touch with many people from live chat to customer service reps and supervisors to the tech team. The issue is, "YOUR" team have not managed to sort the problem out and get in touch with "ME".


The private message you should of sent should be to confirm my account details and chase up the problem and either tell me if its going to be sorted or not. simple. I am not getting in touch with anyone or repeating this on going problem that I explained a number of times already. I will respond to your private message with my account number and that is it.

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2: Seeker

Nothing against the individual helpdesk employee, but the customer care service is better called customer don't care service. They are friendly enough, but in the end that doesnt fix the problem.

Sure you can read here about some times things are going ok. When thing are going silky smooth it is easy.
When the road is rocky, there is the need and added value of a good customer support. And especially there Vodafone is missing the mark. I got told by a BT OR engineer a lot is possible (Cabinet improvements, Engineer support), but VF then has to pay for it. maybe there is the problem.

If I got a penny for all the sorrys and apologies I would be rich by now. I have been very reasonable, but I really am tired of it. I need the internet to stay in touch with family all over the world

read here:


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@alexGGG Within Vodafone we have a number of different departments, the link which you've been sent via private message allows direct contact to our team. 

If you chose to do this, we could then look into this further form our end and raise this to the relevant department if necessary. 

We're unable to deal with customer queries over private message, so if you were looking for further help you'd need to use the link provided. 

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3: Seeker

Mr Alex, your team are a bunch of clowns Im sorry to say, the least offensive word I can find to describe you guys. This is just not funny any more. 

You see that link your talking about, I responded and filled the page in with the details as requested on Friday. I got an email same day saying:

"Hi Alex,
Please provide further details on what your query is regarding.
We'll then  be able to look into this for you"
I provided the link to this page so they are aware of the issue plus i wrote an extra page on the email for the full details and a couple test images. I got a reply back today from the same person. It says;

"Hi Alex,

Since your issue is regarding home broadband we're unable to help.

We can call and transfer you through to the right team or email them to contact you.

Let us know what you want to do."


By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Total joke. I have nothing else to say from this stage.


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