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Why is returning a BB router so hard; Is it because Voda would prefer the £72???

2: Seeker

Hi, I Opted for Voda BB but the service was not good. I was pleased when the agent said I could opt out as I was within my 30 day cancellation period and now have another provider. HOWEVER, Voda want the router back (which they are welcome to) and this is where the issues arise. I waited for the returns bag but it did not arrive. I chased it when I recieved a mail stating I would be billed £72 for a non-returned router and they advised they no longer issue returns bag's. They then advised they would issue a return label instead. When this didn't arrive I chased for the returns address but was told this could not be supplied. I was however told that a returns bag could be supplied; I KID YOU NOT!! So here I am, awaiting a bag that does not exist with the threat of a £72 bill hanging over me!! I'll give it 3 days then cancel the Direct Debit. I will happily pay manually for my 4 mobile phones but will NOT pay £72 for a router I can't return through no fault of my own. I even offered to drive it to a Voda shop but unsurprisingly, I'm told I can't do this. Are there any Voda Reps reading this forum who care about loyal clients? If so, please contact me!!!!!

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17: Community Champion

I certainly agree that as you’ve opted out under the Network Satisfaction Guarantee period and your actively attempting to return the router no charge should be levied !

Can I assume you’ve been ringing “For broadband returns, please get in touch on 08080 034 515 (free from all UK landlines and mobiles). We’ll need your name, account number, address, telephone number and other personal information. Please have this to hand.”

Ask if your able to return the device to a Vodafone Highstreet Store. It’s worth asking even tho the T&C’s say it’s not an option - they can only say No.


We do have a Social Media Team here who read all posts so please let them catch up with yours so you can engage with them. 


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