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broadband dipping to unusable speeds consistantly

2: Seeker

so ever since we switched to vodafone broad band (been about 3 maybe 4 months now) we had an issue where every couple of minutes or so the speed would dip down to unusable speed where the downlaod speed would reach KBs not even MBs anymore.  

i had assumed that perhaps this was something to with the switching process for first month or two untill it was really starting to annoy me how i would be watching a video in a good 720p and all of a sudden it would begin buffering and would begin playing in 244p instead

how ever this only happens when i am in the same room as the router (about 3 meters away with nothing between us) but it is even worse in other rooms which have one wall between such as my bedroom. my bed is slightly to one side of the router but it still wont get a good connection even when the speed is at its optimum. when it dips in a different room (which is pretty much every minute or quicker as we get further away) there is pretty much no connection at all


i do apologise if this seems a long rant however i was very dissapointed as some relatives switched and convinced us to switch otherwise we may have been with virgin instead and we are paying for 40 megabit connection which frankly seems like we just arn't getting what we paid for

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Hey @HassanNazir, I'm really sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your broadband speeds. Are you only having this issue over W-Fi, or on a wired connection too?

If you can please try running a speed test while on a wired connection and get back to me, it'll help me to pin point where the problem might be. 

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