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router wifi keeps disabling itself for 3 or 4 seconds then turns back on

13: Advanced Member

An explaination here on the 2.4GHz Bandwidth setting!  On my own VF router (while we were still using it), setting the 2.4GHz bandwidth to 40MHz would cause it to occasionally (maybe one a week) just drop (and not restart) WiFi on this band.

Setting it to 20/40MHz can *on many routers* cause a different problem.  When there is low demand the bandwidth will sit at 20MHz quite happily, but as demand rises (and there is a 40MHz compatible device online) then the router switches to using the 40MHz of bandwidth, at transition it can end up disconnecting SOME (not all) devices - in a controlled manner.  The same can happen when the router later decides to narrow it's bandwidth back down.  Most of the time you are never going to notice, it only really becoming apparent when the device that gets cut off and then re-connected is streaming or downloading at the time.

It all has to do with how the WiFi protocols handle multiple devices in a crowded WiFi environment.  Of course if the setting on your VF router is still at the default (20MHz setting), then there is no way that this is really related!


Anyone wanting to do their own research on the above it's related to "20/40MHz WiFi coexistance".

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4: Newbie

update , we have master reset the router and within 4 minutes after the router had restarted the router disable 2.4g wifi for 4 seconds but i have notice that the wifi disable exactly one minute to the second after the laptop disconnected from Wifi , also on the other log i uploaded yesterday , my galaxy s9 disconneted from the 5g wifi and same again after 1 minute to the second the router disable the 5g wifi for 4 seconds 


so it seams to be every time a device disconneted from the wifi the router disables the wifi for 4 seconds router issue1.jpg

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@gipjon Hi there, we'd have to have a look at your router and see what's happenong on it. If you reply to the private message Blair sent, one of our Broadband team will be in touch as soon as we can. Joe

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