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Broadband activation

Abysmal Service, blame passing, no resolution.

2: Seeker

I first placed an order on the 18th of October 2021, with installation due to take place on the 4th of November. I am still waiting as of the 26th of February 2022 for that installation to be completed.


Originally I was told that city fibre kept canceling the installation as there was "no light at the pole", no one seems to be able to give any sort of timescale for this to be fixed, all anyone can tell me is that I have to wait, due to these cancellations I have been sent 3 separate routers for different installation dates all of which have been cancelled.


My biggest issue with the cancellations is that I am having to get in touch with vodafone on an almost weekly basis to discover that they have been cancelled and then to subsequently rebook (rebooking that for some reason can't be fast-tracked regardless of the fact I have waited 3 months) I daren't try to calculate the number of hours I have spent either on the phone, on hold or using the online chat.


I did have an engineer finally come out to me on the 6th of January, he installed the router, however he then told me it wouldn't work, so I was to wait a day and ring vodafone, vodafone then told me that account and installation had again been cancelled, and tried to get me to sign up to a new account, despite the fact that some installation had taken place.


I have also entered a formal complaint, which I opened on the 15th of January, I am still waiting for any sort of response, when I opened the complaint, I was told it would be up to 5 working days, on the 5th day when I chased it, I was promised that someone would contact me the next working day, when that also didn't happen I again called vodafone, to be told that complaints have changed and it can now be 10 working days. 


During that same phone call I was told, that city fibre had again cancelled my installation, because according to the phone operator, they now couldn't offer Fibre in my area, and I had to again wait until they could offer it, when asked how I could know when it was available, I was told I could go to the Vodafone website enter my postcode and check, which I did whilst on the same call, and lo and behold it is available in my area.


So yet again I am left to wait and to have to spend my own time ringing back and forth to see whether it will ever be installed, which as far as i'm concerned is just not good enough.


The service I have received so far has been nothing short of abysmal, no one seems particularly bothered that I have been waiting over 3 months for installation, which either leads me to believe this is common, or the service really is just that terrible, no one seems to be remotely bothered that I canceled with my contract with my previous supplier and the fact that I am still waiting after nearly 2 weeks for anyone to even email to say my formal complaint has been noted, and it is being looked at, is frankly shocking. 


In short, I would tell anyone to think long and hard about moving to vodafone, and unless you have absolutely no other option I wouldn't bother.

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I'm sorry to hear you've had this kind of experience @thomburgess and not the kind of experience we want for any of our customers. We can look into this for you and see if we can get an explanation for the numerous cancellations and see what we can do to get your broadband service up and running ASAP. Pop us a private message through our social media channels and one of the team will pick it up for you.

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16: Advanced member

I would definitely not cancel a VDSL service with another supplier until the Full Fibre service is up and running. The thought of losing broadband service compared to the price of paying an extra month on the previous service is a no brainer.

But I do sympathise that Vodafone can royally mess things up.

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