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Broadband activation

Activation date passed

3: Seeker

My activation date was meant to be 6th Dec '21, multiple promises of the equipment being delivered & even promised it had been dispatched & will be with me on the day. Yet nothing has arrived.


Vodafone ran into issues with their warehouse on 19th Nov '21 according to a manager I spoke with that meant they would not be able to dispatch equipment. Knowing this they still accepted my order on the 20th Nov '21 which then proceeded to cancel my existing broadband. So I am now left trying to work from home with no broadband & no ETA of when my equipment will be delivered.


This level of service is completely unacceptable & bordering on fraudulent given they knew they had no ability to complete the order but are still happy to sign you up.


Not holding out much hope given each time I try to call I have to sit on hold for 60mins listening to the same 3 songs.


When are you going to get customers online?


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Hi @hughh, apologies for the wait on receiving your equipment, I understand how frustrating this must be and we want to get you up and running as soon as possible.

We don't want to be charging you for a service you don't yet have too; so we can take a look into this and your order, please get in touch via Facebook, or contact us on Twitter. You can find more information on doing this here

Please also provide a link to this thread, along with your username; this will save time and we’ll be able to help you quicker.

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