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Broadband activation

Am I alone in getting an appalling service?

2: Seeker

I should have been connected on 25 Mar 22, I was eventually connected by Open Reach on 20 Apr. Since then I have not been able to receive any incoming calls to my landline and out going calls last 5 minutes before being cut off. After too many calls to Vodafone I thought the problems had been sorted on 6 May,  I receive one call and could access my account.  I was too optimistic. An hour later I am back were I started. What really annoyed me was a text and email from Vodafone telling me I'd be compensated. I don't want compensation, I want a competence. Am I alone with this sort of service?

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16: Advanced member

@nothappy5469 wrote:

Am I alone with this sort of service?

Unfortunately not. :Sad_face:

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4: Newbie

Nope, should have gone live on the 9th March . . i still dont have a service or activation.

City Fibre keep making excuses and vodafone cant control them or get them to do the repairs or even get a sensible answer from them!

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Hi @nothappy5469 & @krisbattye, we're sorry to hear about the delay in getting the broadband service fully connected. We have a dedicated home broadband team on Twitter and Facebook, if you send the team a message, they'll be able to check where we're up to with the activation. All of the social media contact details can be found here, please keep us updated with how you get on. 

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