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Broadband activation

Another partial activation fail - failed upgrade (but I'm paying for it, thanks vodafone)

2: Seeker



I've recently upgraded from "coper" broadband to superfast 100.

This upgrade went as expected, the teams came, installed the router, and it worked on the spot, all as expected, perfect. A note onVodafone equipement - Vodafone requires a fiber ONT and the Vodafone router - There are single devices that Vodafone uses in outer countries that do both in one, I guess in the UK vodafone is just ok with extra e-waste. Regardless, upgrade went ok.


Now the problem: Vodafone has a genuinly good price for gigafast900, so 2 days after having superfast 100 I switched to gigafast 900. Note that no new equiment is needed for this speed (I did get some extras, but no rotuer substituition was needed, this was extensively confirmed by support).


Issue 1 - My internet was cut on the second day after the update request. Customer support restored the superfast 100 (not the gigafast 900) over phone. - All good, but giving this information as it may be a hint.

Issue 2 - A few days later the switch still wasn't done. I called customer support who manually toggled the switch - and on my Vodafone dashboard I now have gigafast 900, together witht he price for this package. However the speeds never changed - I'm still stuck with superfast 100 speeds, so I'm paying for something that I can't use. I do have some service so I'm not as bad as other people here.


Is there anyone else experiencing upgrade issues within the same technology? Vodafone support opened an investigation case, but I'm not too hopeful, I wouldn't be surprised that the community can be more useful.


My fiber connection uses CityFiber backend.



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Hey @dragao-azul - I haven't seen any other mentions recently of people having a similar issue, so I'm sorry to hear about the problems getting you up to speed. It sounds like you're already speaking with our Broadband team and we'd need to access your account to get more information on why this is happening.

If you did want us to take a look also, please get in touch via Facebook, or contact us on Twitter. You can find more information on doing this here. Please also provide a link to this thread, along with your username; so you won't have to explain yourself again. 

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