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Broadband activation

Broadband Set Up - Six WEEKS and counting

2: Seeker

Hi All, 


This is a new internet installation as I have just moved, but I am an existing customer with Vodafone as they are my mobile provider.

My initial installation was booked for 16th September, I was told by the engineer that they had to come back as someone else needed to access the line on the flat roof. Was told they would re-book for the 22nd September. 

I didn't hear anything from them. Contacted Vodafone via webchat and was told that it would be installed by 24th September because there was a fault on the line. 

It kept being rescheduled and 'readvised' throughout September, although Vodafone didn't ever update me, I had to contact them every single time. I spoke to one adviser who told me to stop contacting them about my issue and they would get in touch with me by either 'text or email' (that never happened).

I was then given an activation date of the 28th Sept by Vodafone. No internet and no communication from them. I followed up and was told that it had been 'revised' to an installation of 1st October. Still nothing, I was in contact with them the next week as well. I was then called by Openreach on the 15th October to ask if an engineer had arrived - I was not aware of the booking and was in the office. I was THEN advised that there was still a fault on the line and it would be resolved by the 19th, nothing on that date either, I contacted Vodafone who advised it had been updated to the 22nd, nothing on that date. 

I then contacted them again (via webchat) and they told me there was a delay of 27 days from the 28th September, I was then promised that it would be activated by the 24th Sept. I have told them that if it is not active then I am cancelling my contract and I will follow through with it. 

The service from Vodafone has been terrible and the lack of communication between them, me and Openreach utterly ridiculous. Every adviser I speak to assures me that the problem will be resolved and it never, ever is. If there is still a fault on the line, I don't know. 

I am waiting to speak to yet another adviser now (25th Oct), but I will be telling them that I am cancelling my account and finding a provider that takes less than six weeks to install the internet. 

Any advise is appreciated. 


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Hi @rlbevan We would love the opportunity to put this right and get this resolved once and for all, if you could contact us by clicking here and we will be more than happy to look into this further. 

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