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Broadband activation

Cant access my broadband account

2: Seeker

Not sure this is in the right place so apologies in advance if it isnt. But my parnter was previously the one with the broadband in her name and once our contract was up we took out the same package but in my name instead and ever since ive done that i havent been able to log into my vodafone account or the app. I've spoken to numerous agents about it and everytime ive had different anwsers with none of them resolving it🙄. I was told by the most recent one (roughly 2 weeks ago) to wait till my activation date then try again but my new broadbands online and activated and to no avail its giving me the same old error messages. ill insert images of the error messages and hope and prey someone can help me error messageerror message

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I'm sorry to hear this @JoshFelton. We'd be happy to take closer look at the account on our side and help you get to the bottom of what's going with your online account. So we can get started, please drop us a message over on social media here and we'll take a look 👍

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