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Broadband activation

Cityfiber Aberdeen

3: Seeker


I am not sure if anyone will be able to help but here goes.

My story, I have been keenly waiting for Cityfiber to come past my area and they did that a few months past. Awesome, I wait patently for the box to be hooked up and the line to be released, as of 21/06/2021 I got the mail from Cityfiber saying you are able to get the full service. I checked on the Cityfiber website and its available on Vodafone. I check the Vodafone website for days still says 35mbps, all the post codes all around me say 910.... Think I know what I will do, phone Vodafone, the first people I spoke to where wonderful, helpful and polite, then I got transferred to the 'technical' team and WoW it takes a lot to annoy me but they did that in 2 mins.

They flat out refused to do anything or even give me hope that this would be resolved. After being told no its not our issue, we can help sir, i ended the call. 

Me being proactive, I called cityfiber and got some really nice customer service they did all the checks, everything was in place, 'no issues from our side' and was told get them to give us a call I and we can run them though how to fix it. 

I was delighted, an easy fix.... well lets just get back on the phone.

Safe to say I have never, I repeat never been met with a more unhelpful "technical" service person, I surprised myself that i kept cool, I was told that I should not have phoned CityFiber and under no circumstances will they contact CityFiber to seek the assistance that was suggested by Cityfiber, and for the first time in my life I head the words 'there is nothing more i can help you with'. They said at the start of the call that I would be recorded for training proposes well vodaphone i think that would be a good idea, to hear a calm customer try and explain that if you want me to give you money then perhaps a little effort would go a long way.  

Anyway the end result is that there is no updates to the website other than somehow I can now get 65.1mbps, Anyone got any ideas how i can address the problem? 

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16: Advanced member

I can't help you with the problem, but I have to say, after experiencing Vodafone's support, would you really want to join them.

We can just hope other ISPs will start to offer CityFiber connections.

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Hey @Baza26b - It's unfortunate to hear of your experience with our technical team, this isn't the level of service we strive for. I'd advise to keep checking your postcode here and once those speeds are available in your area we'd love to have you onboard.

You can also register your interest in our Pro Gigafast Broadband here 😊

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