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Broadband activation

Fibre Availability - 500MB not available, but was yesterday

2: Seeker



I've got an order for the 100MB product (Currently on Superfast 2), being installed in a few weeks, as no faster speeds were available..  Last night I checked my postcode again and it said I could get 500mb and 900mb, I spoke to an adviser and asked if I could change my order to 500mb. They confirmed I could get it, but to contact in the morning as the relevant department was closed. Fair enough.


This morning, the availability checker says I can only get up to 100mb again! I spoke with someone who confirmed this, and said it must be because the cabinet must be full, as likely someone else ordered a fibre product last night.


However   a) cant my "slot" for the 100mb product be used? (if it works like that)

b) BT, Zen and several others are offering 500mb, 900mb etc for my address.


I suppose there is nothing I can do, and should just be patient! 



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16: Advanced member

@danielson00 wrote:

BT, Zen and several others are offering 500mb, 900mb etc for my address.



I think I know what I would do, if I really wanted it.

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2: Seeker

There's someone on the Talktalk forums having the same issue, says it's available overnight but by the time the ordering team opens the options gone.

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