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Broadband activation

Fibre install - no internet for days and no resolution

1: Seeker

I'm having an absolute nightmare with fibre install from Voda and CityFibre and looking to the community for any suggestions.



  • Existing non-fibre broadband user with Voda, and fibre upgrade was booked for last Thursday.
  • CityFibre engineers visited, installed everything ok (fibre cable, new modem etc). Connected to router and said I needed to wait ~1h for a router update to push through - I'd get a notification.
  • Notification came, followed instructions, no connection.
  • I've contacted support every day who keep advising "just a few more hours" for the provisioning to be complete. No service during all of this time. 

Fast forward to today (Sunday). I spent another 50 mins on chat then 2 hours and 30 minutes (!) on a call to various support teams. Their conclusion is:

  • The original order is "messed up" and needs to be cancelled. They wanted to wait another ~3 days for this to expire in the system but eventually decided to trigger it today.
  • I need to raise a new order, which will be on a 10-14 day lead time. This is bad enough, but.... 
  • Their systems won't let them raise the new order with CityFibre. Presumably, because I already have fibre installed.
  • They didn't know what steps to take next so they're going to try contacting me on Monday!  
  • Also, there's no way to get me any kind of temporary internet access. They even refused to send me a 4G/5G dongle because I'm not a mobile customer!!    

I feel like I'm stuck in a loop where none of the teams really know how to get this resolved. Has anyone had anything similar? Any ideas how I can get someone appropately knoweldgeable at Vodafone to take hold of this and get it sorted? 


Thanks in advance. 

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12: Established

Find another ISP unless you really have to stick with Vodafone?

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16: Advanced member

I presume you have tried the router back in the phone socket, just in case that has not been cancelled.

Have you raised an official complaint? Complaints Code of Practice | Vodafone

The worst thing with Vodafone, is that when things go wrong (which they seem to do more than they should) they just try delaying tactics instead of getting on and fixing it.

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