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Broadband activation

Gigafast new order

3: Seeker

Hello my 1st post and hope someone can help.


I ordered the 500mb Gigafast installing in a week's time.


When checking the order it states it waiting for Openreach acceptance.  From my understanding it was cityfibre that dug up the paths that would supply this and not Openreach.


Does anyone know what involvement Openreach have and what they have to accept?


Many thanks for your help 👍



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4: Newbie

It stated this for my order too, but it was indeed CityFibre, or more specifically Kelly Communications contractors on behalf of CityFibre that installed the line. I think it's just a generic message on Voda's website as they use Openreach for the majority of their connections.

Voda will be using Openreach infrastructure and engineers for Gigafast install in some cities in future, however. 

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