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Broadband activation

I don't know what to do

2: Seeker

Got a text saying "Welcome to Vodafone Broadband - Thanks for choosing us" this morning. Our previous ISP disconnected us after midnight and it's been replaced with *drumroll*... Nothing.


The FTTP socket is there but we have no kit. So we can't use it.


I usually wouldn't be too fussed about not having internet but the other half needs to work from home... with a shift tomorrow!


Nothing is happening. I've given up. The order is apparently stuck in their warehouse system as perpetually dispatching. So every time I talk to someone I'm told the router will be with me in 24-48 hours. I was told that 5 days before the service was due to start, on the day the service was due to start and I'm still being told that now.


I spoke to one competent agent that knew what had happened and would get it sorted and call me back today before midday... So I waited and that hasn't happened.


I've come off the phone again being told everything is just dandy and I know it's not. I know no router is coming but I don't know who to talk to.


Knowing this I spoke to live chat which has also told me to pointlessly wait another 24 hours instead of fixing the order.


I'm really fed up because I know there's a problem and I'm being told there isn't. If there wasn't I would have had despatch notifications for the kit - but I haven't.


I'm supposed to get a £250 gift card as part of the sign up deal and I'm now wondering if that'll go belly up as well.


What do I do? Is there someone who can get my order unstuck and not tell me to wait another 24-48 hours?

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17: Community Champion

I'm u sure if the Vodafone Social Media Team's can help but it's worth a shot @chris529 


Vodafone needs to own this and resolve it for you so I wish you all the best with this. 

Current Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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2: Seeker

Thanks - I've messaged them again. Maybe someone will sort it out.


I know exactly what's happening having worked in call-center based customer service before. I think Vodafone likely has hiccups in it's ordering processes that aren't being identified until it's too late and you've got to the "angry irate customer" formal complaint stage. I feel like I'm being passed around getting told it'll be despatched in 24-48 hours over and over. Clearly the first agent I spoke to had it right knowing full well it's jammed at a warehouse despatch stage.


My best guess is that it's my address - it doesn't show up on postcode lookups.


If I get told it'll be another 24-48 hours again I think I'll need to slam my head against a brick wall.

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3: Seeker


same issue here, activation in 2 days and since last week I keep being informed it will be with me 24-48 hrs.  I work from home too and my current broadband is getting disconnected.  I am not confident I will get the kit delivered.

messaged the so called social team but haven’t heard back since morning??

I thought virgin media was bad but this seems worse and wondering whether I am doing a mistake disconnecting them for this shhit service.

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2: Seeker

Does your address not show up on some postcode lookups by any chance? Wondering if that has anything to do with it.


If you haven't received a despatch email then it's possibly stuck. Thankfully received one here and it should be with me soon (although I don't want to jinx it - edit: nah I jinxed it now there's new problems and they can no longer deliver it today?).


I agree with you on CS... been a bit of a grim experience. Ended up feeling pretty helpless. My other half has been shielding due to immune problems and had to go on-site today because remote work isn't possible without internet; it can all be done remotely and it's a hospital so possibly not a great place to be if you should be shielding.

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