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Broadband activation

Installing additional master socket into bedroom?

1: Seeker

Hopefully this is in the correct message board. I have a new Broadband account starting on the 9th of July, and when I ordered it I said to the agent that it was an additional internet line for my work. My father in law currently has Sky and we want to keep all of this and the account to not be tampered with


I wrote to the support people to double check this message was passed on that we want a completely separate line (and now through some research a "master socket" in my bedroom) but they said the engineer should be calling before coming to the property


my question has anyone else added this broadband as an additional service? and do you know or have any experience with a new line and socket being put in? I have seen other providers saying that its outreach and its about 60-145£ to have this done. 


any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated so i can communicate properly to the engineer what our needs are

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3: Seeker

It depends on the provider (Vodafone or other ISP) whether they charge for a new line.


The main thing is that you should not have given your current Sky line number as the existing line to take over.


For a new line install the fitter will put the master socket anywhere reasonable.

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16: Advanced member

Vodafone can install you a second line for free .you just pay for the monthly fee of about £24 per month . I have two lines here at my home . 1 with sky and the second is vodafone . Call Vodafone on 08080 044 668 to set up your second line or look at the link

And the location of the second-line master socket is down to you and the openreach engineer to where you need it . Some people have the second line in garden sheds etc

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