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Broadband activation

Internet line STILL hasn't been activiated 10 days and counting

2: Seeker

I am currently helping my father get his broadband set up after switching over from BT. The activation date was the 7th December and he has been constantly fobbed off on the online chat or on calls with lines such as  " let us speak with another higher tech team".


Everything on the modem works apart from the Internet line connection which clearly still hasn't been activated/switched over from BT.


He has been on the phone or online chat every two days and there still doesn't seem to be a solution. He has now been told today that if no one gets in touch by 6pm then someone will call "the next working day which may be Monday"


This has become increasingly frustrating as with current guidelines, there are a few people working from home and have had to use their mobile hotspot to work from home (ironically which is with Vodafone to which you'll no doubt charge for additional use outside of people's plans for data usage).


It really does feel like he has been constantly fobbed off to different people every single time when it is quite clear that all that needs done is have the phone line activated.


He/we are really dreading not having the Internet over Christmas and it is really unacceptable how long this is taking.


Can you help and accelerate this along in any way please as they are regretting changing over from BT.

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Hi @Tyler1990, thanks for your post, this is not what we like to hear when trying to set up a new broadband connection. If your father can drop us a message on either Facebook or Twitter, we'll be happy to check why the service has not moved over and what the next steps are. You can find the contact details for our social media teams here

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