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Broadband activation

Just another broadband activation fail

2: Seeker

17 days after the promised broadband activation date still nothing.

The sad story in summary:

Took out contract to transfer my broadband provider to Vodafone on 22/09/20 and activation date of 07/10/20 given and confirmed by letter.

07/10/20 No activation.

08/10/20 (morning) contacted customer support by phone and told that the service would be connected within “the next few hours” - No activation

08/10/20 (evening) contacted customer support again via the online chat facility and told “connection would be made no later than midnight on the next day”.

09/10/20 No activation.

10/10/20 Contacted customer support once more via the online chat facility to report that there was still no internet connection and was given yet another assurance that it would be live “no later than midnight” that same day. No Activation.

10/10/20 I received a letter dated 07/10/20 from my current broadband provider stating that the transfer date of the service had been changed from 07/10/20 to 23/10/20.

11/10/20 Sent complaint by email via your website and received an acknowledgement “Web form acknowledgement (ref: 13689220)”. The email promised a response within 48 hours and to date I have received no further contact.

16/10/20 Sent complaint by letter to Customer Relations Manager in Newbury. No reply.

23/10/20 Existing provider terminates broadband supply as anticipated but no Vodafone activation. I now have no broadband supply.

Some help would be nice.

I don’t do social media.

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Hi @NickNaim Firstly I do apologise for the issues you have been facing, as we have no account access via the forum we would need you to contact us on one of the ways listed on the link here. We will then be able to look into this further and also chase up your complaint. 

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