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Broadband activation

Letter saying we can now get Gigafast, but Vodafone system says no.

3: Seeker

OK, this is an odd one.

Received a letter to "The Occupier" today from Vodafone promoting Gigafast,  saying

"Great news, you're now eligible to upgrade to new full-fibre broadband" 


Which is good because we already have 300mb FTTP with BT and there are limited options to switch provider.


So I go to Vodafone website to try and sign up for Gigafast 500 or 900 but it insists when I add my postcode (in Chester) that they can't provide broadband to that address (or any of the others in the street that I tried)


Spoke to customer services and they tried too, but the system says we can't have it.


So has this happened to anyone else, and is it just that the system takes a while to update (in which case why not update it before sending the letters out?) or is the letter a mistake?  I know Chester isnt in the 15 cities list, but we do have full fibre with openreach and it seems weird to get the letter if it's not going to be available for weeks or months!


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@chayground I can see we do offer our super fast broadband in areas of Chester. I'm sorry for any confusion caused by the letter you've received! I'd advise continuing to monitor our website for any changes in your postcode.

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3: Seeker

Yup, I’m the same and no one you talk to at Vodafone can answer either of our queries.


Pity because they’re usually so helpful.


Maybe they will write again when it’s really available.


Or maybe it is available for certain customers only (it does say upgrade after all; a limiting factor) which would mean that “normal” (ie. non-eligible) searches should be negative since the offer doesn’t apply to them.


That would beg the question: “How do eligible folk, such as us, actually apply for this deal.


I note that the Vodafone offer doesn’t expire until 21 December and it is a very competitive market so hopefully they will resolve the issue shortly.



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2: Seeker

I’m in the same boat, we’ve had FTTP here for years, had the Vodafone gigafast leaflet arrive only to find the call centre can only offer 100mb when we can have up to 900 with BT. Strange thing is this means their system says they can use the FTTP connection to my address, but it is capped to 1/9th the max speed, very odd and something they haven’t been able to explain.

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4: Newbie

Avoid like the plague, Vodafone just make up activation dates and pretend that their in discussion with Openreach, when they have zero clout. 

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