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Broadband activation

Loss of Bluetooth

2: Seeker

I had my fibre line and superfast broadband installed last Thursday by Openreach.  Before this was installed, my Canon printer was working ok but now I have lost Bluetooth on the printer.  Does anyone know if this is a router setting that is wrong ?  I have tried all sorts of things without success.  The printer does work using USB but that isn't the point.

Thanks all

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13: Advanced Member

The router itself does not use Bluetooth, but it does share the same 2.4GHz band.  If the BT on the printer is working properly then it should avoid the WiFi.  Your best bet may be to see if there is new firmware for the printer!

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16: Advanced member

I don't see the router affecting the Bluetooth on the printer. Were you on Vodafone before the swap, and are you sure the printer was using Bluetooth?

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