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Broadband activation

Lost landline number / slightly wrong details on order confirmation

2: Seeker

This happens too often.


If you receive an order confirmation from Vodafone confirming the wrong telephone number I would strongly recommend you cancel your order to stop you losing your landline contact number. Following my recent nightmare I would recommend this with any provider.


I placed my order online for broadband and phone. I input my number into the system, ticked that I wanted to keep this number and order was accepted.  I then received a postal copy of my order and immediately contacted Vodafone to say the telephone number was incorrect.  After several chats and telephone conversations I was told to call back after activation to get the correct number transferred.


This is simply NOT TRUE. After activation there seems to be nothing I can do.  The activation team get informed (so I’m informed) but you never get any response and have to chase up again.  Sky tell me the order is closed and even if I go back to them I may not get my number.  It’s now in a “pool” or may be assigned to someone else already.  I find this very unbelievable after only 2 short weeks, the reason explained in a short paragraph below.  Sky also say that it’s possible that Vodafone did not correctly process the order or there was a technical issue.  I am inclined to believe the Vodafone did something wrong but no one will ever accept the blame and all providers hide behind “technical issues”, “The provider wouldn’t release the number to us” etc.  I feel that any new provider will never admit this to you in advance for fear of losing the order.  After all, as well as not quoting to me the correct telephone number, they kept sending me reminders that an Open Reach Engineer would be visiting.  Even after I’d reported several times that this was supposed to be an active line takeover and I didn’t need an engineer. 


In my opinion the fact that an engineer was originally booked to visit is the biggest indication of Vodafone error and this not being processed correctly as an active line take over. Furthermore the wrong number they gave me is an old number that was associated with this line over seven years ago.  I will never believe the coincidence that I got this number re-assigned to this line and address from a “pool”.  Why did I have a different number for the last seven years?  My original supplier also gave me the same run around when it came to changing supplier.


Why should I suffer because of this? Why should any of us.  Why is it that active line take overs don’t automatically assign you the same telephone number?  It is a house, in a small town, no reason for it not to transfer.  I’m not flaming MI6!   It is a doddle to change your existing number but try to keep hold of it, on a line that’s had several previous number associated with it, seems impossible. 


The younger generation may not worry about this as everything is mobile for them but for the older generation this is a nightmare. It’s okay contacting people you deal with regularly but what about those you don’t think about?  My landline number is recorded in places with people who may only ring me every few years.  I’m not going to remember all of them.


I work away from home, I talked my housemate into getting the same package and his went through a dream. Why the heck does this always happen to me?  If this stops just one other person going through this nightmare it will be worth the time I took to type it out and post it.

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13: Advanced Member


I work away from home, I talked my housemate into getting the same package and his went through a dream. Why the heck does this always happen to me? 

Possibly because you transferred your number from Sky LLU.  If you port your number to a VOIP provider you won't loose it when you change BB supplier.

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