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Broadband activation

Moving Home Process - Starting New Contract

3: Seeker


I am moving house this week and phoned up VF to move my contract. In doing so I am effectively starting a new 18m contract on the new price of £27 instead of the £32 im currently on and the new property should get faster speeds (and I can finally cash in on the "Slow Connection Discount"), which is nice.
My new connection is booked to start on 04/06/18, but my real question is, by starting a new contract will I be sent a new Router/Modem? and will I need to do the same as before, where I leave the thing plugged in for 24 hours without powering down, in order to stabilise the connection?

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You won't be sent a new router when you move, simply take your current one with you, along with any cables. When you move, plug them in on the day of activation and we’ll take care of the rest.

As it's a new service, it may take a little time to stabilise your connection.

Let us know if there's anything else we can help with. 

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14: Advanced member

After you have moved if you are having sync issues . It would appear some BT phone lines won't work with the Vodafone router .This is a good thread to read


After you have moved if your broadband activation date is delayed you are entitled to compensation





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