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Broadband activation

New Customer No Router AFter 3 weeks

2: Seeker

I'm a brand-new customer who has chosen Vodafone to provide home broadband to my new house. Delighted when they were able to give me a 3-December activation date, so I would have internet at Christmas.


However, nearly 3 weeks later, I still haven't received my router. Vodafone support chat simply promise that I'll be getting it in the next few days - every time I speak to them. And I've been speaking to them regularly over the last 3 weeks. They also billed me despite promising on multiple occasions that they wouldn't.


Raised a complaint and was offered compensation, but still no router. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? I have to say the customer service has been worse than terrible, and it's only because there's no chance of any other provider installing a service in time for Christmas that I'm persevering with Vodafone.

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If the service on your line has already been activated, then it may be possible to set up a third-party modem/router - I would suggest at Vodafone's cost!


Of course, If you've been badgered into going for their "Pro" broadband, this would all be an even more ridiculous example of their poor customer service!

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