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New Fibre Install - Link is up - Internet is down - never worked, cancel within 14 days?

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2: Seeker



Firstly I should say  - no one at Vodafone has been rude but oh dear,  what a run around!  I hope someone can help because I get the impression its actually an easy fix - if you can find the person to press the button...




12 Sep - 1330 - CityFibre turn up to install link at property - an hour later I have the fibre box installed, with 4 lights showing connection, service and link to the router - via the supplied cable in the only port to the blue WAN port on the router.


Router shows White power and WAN light, blinking Red internet light.


12 Sep - Wait patiently until Midnight and then until morning for the internet light to go white (I assume). It does not so 24hrs after install contact online support. 


1st Agent  - Checks order, asks for Router S/N and says that they will send 'something' to the router for it to update, switch it off and on - it will work.  It doesnt.

2nd Agent - 2hrs of resetting and rebooting the router over and over and over and asking what lights are on again and again - no change - but promised the vodafone promise that it will be fine and work by midnight. It doesnt.

I did explain that the link was up etc but PPP was 'DISCONNECTED' which I know was a thing on broadband - not sure if it matters on fibre?


13th Sep - Contact support again through live chat 


1st Agent - Gets straight on it and states the following....


"I have checked your order details and it seems the the broadband order is stuck due to some system issue and will need to be pushed through manually. Your broadband service has not been fully activated yet due to which its not connecting. I will request you to kindly ring our Gigafast activations team at 08080034515 between 8am and 8pm, they will push the order to complete and once the order is completed, the service will start working."


Gigafast Agent - Contact them at 9AM and explain the above - usual run around for 5 mins or so - then going to be transferred to the 'right department' - ok....


Right Department Agent - Proceeds to tell me the router is on the wrong software (Er ok) and needs to be reset so it can update (It was hard reset 10 times yesterday but ok...)  So do this - they say it will take 30 mins to work and they will phone back.


Hour later.. missed a call (my bad).  Call the number back - automated "Dont worry its fine from vodafone"


Immediately get a call back from agent - all the security again,  all the questions again - oh I have to put you through to someone else because you are a PRO customer... Please just help me...

Transferred - on hold for 20 mins, cut off.........


Go for Facebook chat - nothing...............

Go for Tobi again - another agent  - polite as always looking into it - says the order is now activated with OPENREACH........Im with CityFibre...........


Explain this to them (first time for this agent but I have noted it many many times in previous conversations).... They go away and cross check again based on this.


Another hard reset,  no joy - finally this message.

"'ve checked that the line is activated however your order is stucked in your system due to a technical glitch. In this case I've filled an "Open order completion form" on your behalf and our back end team will make this sorted now.
I'd request you to wait and with in 24 hours your services will start working automatically."


So now I will wait 24hrs and hopefully it will work! - If not........will have to cancel as I dont want to go near the 14 day limit.  The last person was really helpful thankfully - more info and genuine.  Fingers crossed.........






2: Seeker
2: Seeker

If it helps here are some error messages from the event log.

SOCK_TRACE: cwmp_createClientSocket - no ip to bind to on interface wan - fail

8021q 'vlan_wan' link is down


I am also on an old firmware version but they dont seem to be able to remotely install it and I cannot do it locally by selecting update from the router - error "Online firmware update cannot start" (Im using the 4g dongle at the moment)


Current firmware version19.2.0307-3261013