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Broadband activation

New broadband install

2: Seeker

I am a Virgin Media customer coming an end of my contract with them and looking to join Vodafone Broadband as my new internet service provider on Superfast2.

I have no BT master socket or Openreach line at my property it was removed almost 5 years ago. Virgin Media uses its own cables for the phone.

Can I get a Vodafone Broadband connection without an Openreach lan line.?

What is the cost to get a new BT Openreach line/socket installed?

Can Vodafone order and get this installed as part of the activation? 


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6: Helper

Hi @tayyarali - Firstly welcome to the Vodafone Community


Whilst I am not a Vodafone Broadband customer (like you I'm also with Virgin) as far as I am aware normally you do require an BT Openreach line in order to connect to the Vodafone's Superfast2 Broadband.

(Note: Vodafone's Mobile Home Broadband however does not require any telephone line as it connects via Vodafone 4G / 5G network)

From what I understand & have read from Vodafone's Service & Maintenance charges the provision of a new line seems to be free of charge (I have provided a link to this document below for further reading) 


However because I am not fully familiar with Vodafone's broadband installation procedure, it's advisable to reach out to the Vodafone Broadband Team as I would not want to provide you inaccurate information or advice.  


Here are some links which may be helpful until someone with more Broadband specific experience in the community pops by to offer more accurate advice regarding Vodafone Broadband installation/activation.


Broadband Queries & Broadband Team Live Chat


Vodafone Broadband Installation Information


Vodafones Home Broadband & Phone Price Plans

(includes Service & Maintenance charges)


Hope it helps & you are having a wonderful Christmas

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