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Broadband activation


2: Seeker

Hello, i have a contract here in Germany, but by some unknown reason, i am not able to set up my connection.

First i would like to say that my girlfriend didn't want the DSL at home, but because the girl at the shop thought she can make fun of us (i was in hospital) she made the contract of the 2 sim cards also with an DSL option, when she understood very well that we have an O2 DSL.


Next, im trying to set up this connection from maybe more than 2 months, i have contacted vodafone trough the hotline, nothing

I have contacted them trough the mail, still nothing after more than 2 weeks

I went to a shop, and they told me there is no such contract activated, but still, they are taking money from my bank, and the account is opened on myvodafone, then they told me to contact some number, and still nothing


Now, since most of the time they told me to write in the forum, i would like to know what i can do.

Normally to set up the Fritz Box i need some data's, which are not present in the signed contract, its called ''SIP DATA''

Its not possible to get it on ''myvodafone'' since it tells me ''This service is only offered to you in connection with a HomeBox product.'' something that i can't understand if i have my own router.


Sorry to have writen so many things, but i am a little bit nervous about this, also because they put me the most expensive contract (which i dont need) and i was not able to use it since the beginning, and the 6 months of ''free'' are almost over.


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17: Community Champion

You won't be able to get help on this Community @Dan58   You need to ask this question here: Vodafone Germany Community 

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17: Community Champion

Although your a Vodafone German customer @Dan58   and the Vodafone Social Media Teams Here can't access your account as the Vodafone companies are not linked we still have some very knowledgeable members here in regards to these types of issues so they maybe able to guide you on some way :Smiling:

Definitely seek out your regions Vodafone Forum and there should be various contact options for the support department in your region too for Vodafone.

I wish you all the best.  :Smiling: 

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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16: Advanced member

Whilst I didn't understand most of  what you said (broadband in Germany must be very different to here) I think you are having the same problem as we have here. 

Although Vodafone supplies a VoIP service with some of our contracts, it is impossible to use it with any thing other than the supplied Vodafone router. because they will not supply the necessary data.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your query.

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2: Seeker

You did understood, i will try on the german community, thank you

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